Monday, December 31, 2007

Backing up your blog.

Here is a link to a nice utility that enables one to download all of his blog posts from a host site and take a back up.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Boeing-HAL outsourcing deal

According to the following article, HAL has bagged a 1 billion USD outsourcing deal from Boeing. HAL is to manufacture subsystems of F-15, F-18 fighter planes and Apache helicopter.

Link to the article

Ares I and Open Specification

NASA is gearing for the Lunar Missions again and is busy developing Ares I and Ares V rockets for the purpose. The combination of Ares I rocket and Orion crew vehicle is going to replace the Space shuttle which are scheduled to be retired in 2010. The development work of Ares I has been assigned to Boeing. But the good news is that the specifications will be available to everyone. The main motive is to enable companies other than Boeing to bid for future contracts.
Link to the Article

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Chess - my latest addiction

These days I am spending a considerable amount of my time (nearly 2-3hrs daily)playing chess. There is a nice site GameKnot, where you can play online chess. Chess is a really wonderful game.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mumbai SubUrban Railway

Every large city in the world has a well-connected public transport system and Mumbai is no exception to it.
Mumbai main city is South-Mumbai. But with the rise in population it has extended towards the north. The far northern regions are known as the sub-urban regions.
Generally the cost of living especially the real estate costs are pretty high in South-Mumbai. So people prefer to have houses in the sub-urban regions, while their work places are in the southern region. Everyday the population has to commute to and fro their work places. To fulfill this requirement and to enhance the connectivity of Mumbai city as a whole, there is a fantastic piece of railway network, popularly known as the Mumbai Suburban Railway System.
The Mumbai Suburban Railway broadly consists of two parallel rail lines
1:- the Western Line
2:- the Central Line or Main Line
Both lines meet at a station known as Dadar.
For details one can consult wikipedia [:)].

Public Transports play a very important role in the large cities. They check the level of pollution and traffic, besides providing a safe,cheap and fast means communication. Mumbai Suburban Railways System have successfully fulfilled the requirements of the Mumbai public. Off course it is notorious for heavy rush and pick pockets. But still the efficiency and effectiveness of the system is amazing.

I got a first-hand experience of the Mumbai Suburban Railways last weekend and I liked it a lot. It is damn cheap and operates with a great speed and efficiency.

ISRO targeting Mars

Here is an article in ToI regarding ISRO's plan for an unmanned Mars mission around 2015.

The plan is to have an orbiter around Mars for capturing images. The probe will be studying the Martian atmosphere, ionosphere, magnetic field and weather. Offcourse the quest for water will be one of the mission objectives.
With US, EU, Russia, India, Japan all set for Mars, should not they collaborate? How about an International Mars Mission?

Friday, October 26, 2007


Prism is a new product from the Mozilla Lab. Now-a-days there is a drift towards web apps and many usable functionalities are getting available via web apps. But desktop computing still holds its forte thanks to the rich user experience it can deliver.
Prism combines the best of both worlds. I still have to give it a try, but it seems good.
Prism Project Link

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chang'e - 1 Launched

Today China launched its first moon orbiter from Xichang space centre. The mission named as Chang'e-1 is to be of one year duration and is an exploration mission. Chang'e is the name of a Chinese goddess who flew to the moon. It is to enter the lunar orbit in early November and become operational by the end of November. Chang'e-1 is to take snaps of lunar surface and use the pics to analyze the elements on Lunar surface and take measurements of lunar surfaces.
Chinese Lunar Exploration program conducted by China National Space Administration (CNSA) is to be done in 3 stages
stage1:- Chang'e-1 : Lunar Orbiting (2007)
stage2:- Chang'e-2 : Lunar Surface Landing (2008-09)
stage3:- Chang'e-3 : Lunar Sample Returning (2012-17)
It has to be followed by Manned Lunar Missions around 2020.
As of now congrats to CNSA for successful launch of Chang'e-1.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Oriya eMagazine : Aahwaan

Dr Jyoti Prasad Pattnaik has recently started an eMagazine in Oriya and I think every Oriya should give it a try.
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I would also like all Oriyas to spread the news.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A date with Python :D

Python Batteries

These days I dont have much work at office. So I am spending my time with Python and its numerous batteries. The following is a compiled list of batteries with links. The list is precise and contains the batteries that are useful to me. After going through the list, can you guess what I do with Python ?

Python Core
Python Imaging Library (PIL)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Smart Googling

Google has become a part and parcel of my life. Now a days I hardly type a web url, I just google. If I want to visit IIM Ahmedabad's site, then I will just google for IIM Ahmedabad and follow the first search result. If I face any problem in development, then I will just use google.
But there is always a best/ smart way of doing each and everything. We can search via google smartly and have quite refined result(i.e. not simply more, but less yet more relevant results). The given link will lead you to an article on smart googling
Link to the Article

P.S. Google for "Soubhagya Ranjan Nayak" [:)]

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The cost vis-a-vis outcome of Innovation

Aerospace research projects especially space R&D projects have often been criticised for their heavy requirements both in terms of money/resources and manpower. Most often the space programs are being viewed as white elephants, which have hardly any use other than boasting the superiority of a nation . To a layman spending huge amount of money for a Mars mission hardly makes any sense. But if he calculates the overall outcome of a Mars mission, he has to rethink his judgement. The following link enlists some of the technologies which are developed for aerospace projects and have made their way to our day-to-day lives. Space stuff we use in daily life
There is a common saying that necessity is the mother of all inventions. But often an invention has its use in other areas as well. To solve a problem you develop a technique and that very technique can be employed to solve some similar problems. The problems might have been unsolved or being solved by using a less efficient technique. Internet was never developed to make us more informed or connected. Arpanet(the predecessor of Internet) was basically a defense project, but the solution has been successfully employed in other arenas.
As enlisted in the above article we have got joystick, microprocessor, micro-controller, ear thermometer, sportswear, smoke detectors, freeze-dried meals as the outcome of Aerospace R&D.
The basic point is that it is really unfair to chock the inputs to R&D and Innovation. We, the human race should move ahead with our space research and development programs, without caring too much for the immediate outcomes. In the long run we will definitely get rich dividends.

Monday, October 1, 2007

50 Years of Sputnik Launch

4th October,1957 is a very important date in the history of humanity. On that day Soviet Union successfully launched Sputnik-I. Sputnik-I was world's first artificial satellite.


Sputnik-I had a very simple design. It was basically a sphere of 585mm dia, made of polished Aluminum alloy. Four antennas of length between 2.4m and 2.9m were attached to the sphere. It had been polished to have a highly reflecting surface, so that one could view it from the earth in naked eye. It carried 2 radio transmitters. The radio signal was used to gather information regarding the electron density of the ionosphere. But more importantly the signal was to announce that the superiority of the Soviet Science and Technology.

The outcome of the Sputnik I launch was something that hardly anybody had anticipated. It marked the start of the space race between the cold-war rivals US and the USSR. It also marked the beginning of the space age. The consequent space race resulted in a great deal of scientific and technological developments. The launch was undoubtedly one of the great milestones in the history of humanity.

Sergei Korelov and R-7

The space scientists of the Soviet Union were to be given the credit of this launch, not for the satellite, but for the rocket (R-7) that carried Sputnik-I to space. But there was one scientist Sergei Korelov, who was to be regarded as the man behind this entire project. Korelov was not only a brilliant engineer, but also an efficient manager and a great visionary. He could clearly envision the potential of R-7 . R-7 was mainly built to carry Soviet nuclear war-heads to US. Korelov could also imagine the importance and usability of space to the modern human society. Sergei Korelov is regarded as the Father of Soviet Space Mission.

It has been 50 years since the launch of Sputnik-I. Though USSR was the first to reach the moon, it was US which was first to have manned lunar missions. Soviet Union is now gone and there is superiority of the US(NASA) in the space arena. NASA has been successful in sending robotic probes to Mars and space vehicles to the outskirts of the solar system. But still Sputnik-I will always remain special for all the Aerospace evangelists.

Friday, September 28, 2007

NASA Dawn Mission

Asteroid Vesta and dwarf planet Ceres are 2 most massive residents of the asteroid belt. Though the 2 proto-planets lie close to eachother, Vesta is a rocky body like the inner solar system bodies while Ceres is believed to contain large quantities of ice like the bodies in the outer solar system. The mission objective of Dawn is to study Vesta and Ceres and compare the different evolutionary path each took as well as to get a overall picture of the early solar system. Dawn spacecraft has been launched on 27th Sept,2007.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I have recently joined CitiusTech as a Software Engineer. And I have moved to Mumbai. Mumbai is regarded as the finacial capital of India and a pretty costly city. At present I am living in Powai at the company provided guest house. I have to search a house with in a month. At Mumbai the roads are pathetic and flats are superb. I can get nice north indian food at affordable price[:)]. I have been assigned with absolutely no work. Hence the days are pretty boring. I am still confused regarding the aim of my life, though I have made up my mind to work as a programmer as of now.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

50% Reservation, Vidroh n Me

[Posted in my Previous Blog; Dated 9th April,2006]
[1: The 50% reservation is going to be implemented, but gradually so the seats for general candidates won't get affected. Offcourse the Supreme Court is making some noise every now and then.
2:Actually the so called rather over hyped Vidroh had died silently. Much protest was observed from the medical students and hardly any from the engineering students. Perhaps the medics found a medium to vent their anger and frustration. The masses have left the campus to join some job or for higher studies. The condition of the mass mobilizers is more or less the same.
3:I have stopped my preparation for the UPSC. You know it's for the maggus and there is much better work to be done by intelligent guys like me [:D]. These days I have become a coder and have been spending some 16 hrs a day in front of the company provided comp with free internet connection. I am still out of sync with the outside world. And in the morning I am trying to submit some work to my Project Lead, so that I can make him fool for the rest of the day [:)]. ]
1:50% Reservation
Well the Congress is in power and hence some sort of stupidity is expected from this oldest party of our nation. Congress was formed initially to please the Brits and in return get some benefit from them. Naturally this used to be a team of the elites and the benefits were solely for them. All these stuffs changed dramatically after the entry of people like Gandhi who tried to get benefits for the common lot again by pleasing the brits rather than opposing them. Very few indians at that time like Bhagat Singh or Azad had the courage to take on the brits by force. So the philosophy of pleasing and getting some incentives became damn popular in india and Congress gradually became the voice of india. No doubt Mahatma Gandhi tried thrice and always (including Quit India) he stopped his process of opposing the Brits in mid-way prefering Round-Table like stuff instead. Because he was never opposing the brits rather showing them the level of unrest in india and getting some incentives to stop the possibility of any Revolution.
Then came The Fuhrer and his dream of the Aryan civilisation. Though 1000 yrs of Nazi rule was cut-short to around 10yrs, but India got its freedom. In the changed geo-political scenario the brits didnt have any other options as well. But Congress sticked to its characteristics. Now the power lies in the oppressed lot and the muslims because they come to vote as a whole unlike the so called upper class people.
So Congress have gone to a large extent to please them along with the Nehru(Gandhi) dynasty- the power holder of india. While Ambedkar was a Congress man, VP Singh was an ex one. And now came Arjun Singh. So it has been decided to bring 50% reservation to all IITs,IIMs,DU and such reputed organisations.

50% Reservation,Vidroh n Me

Though using the word Vidroh is some what misleading, but many people are not happy with the recent developments. Mainly these are upper class people and so called educated class people. I am also against these stuffs or am I?. But the iitians especially iit-kgp students(kgpians) are very very unhappy. So they have decided to oppose it. How? We iitians actually have very low level of freedom. The iit system has concentrated all of its power at the hands of profs and diro. The D.C. (Disciplinary Committee Action) is like the sword of Damocles on our heads. Though the iit staffs can protest in front of main building or close the insti gate without the fear of any counter action, students can't even maintain a blog or newspaper that can criticise the iit system(e.g. the BCRoy episode). So they started from orkut and expressed their unhappiness.
Reservations must be removed.
Some suggested going to insti with black band while some suggested bunking classes. Some gandhibadis suggested not to take mess food in an evening in protest(what a pathetic suggestion !). Signature collections also took place both in halls and wings and via internet. Students are gathering at common student places like Cheddis and discussing regarding the future course of action. The orkut gps are also damn busy. The mass mobilizers (though i dont know the quantity and quality of mass)are some of my batch-mates who are mainly dreaming of becoming politicians in future. I dont think missing a mess food or bunking classes will have any effect in the Parliament. But here the students who wanna clear UPSC to have a smooth path into politics,and wanna be in politics to gain power and rule the nation are very much optimistic and Vidroh ( as they say ) is seething....

50% Reservation,Vidroh n Me

3:- Me
So the Vidroh is seething and I have got invitation via yahoo to join the orkut gps, to gather at Cheddis. I have even got personal invitation from my friends like Tarun and Rituraj who are in the forefront of all these activities(of sending mails :)). But I did not go to Cheddis. Also I have nt joined Orkut gps. After having a good sleep of 6hrs I am writing my blog and going through the timesofindia. Today I have planned to bunk the classes of Prof XYZ not in protest, but because I dont enjoy the class. At present my main concern is not any reservation, but submitting some project work to my guide and make him fool for the rest of the week. (Today is Monday [:)]).
So I am a sort of out of sync with the outside world. Here sitting inside my tiny little room (B-101(does it translate to laughing out loud?):Patel) I am gazing outside my window to look at the morning sunlight, the green weeds grown unchecked and tiny squirrels moving on the tree by my window-side. All these protests seem worthless to me. Now its 15 to 7 and I should start reading history of India. Ya, I am preparing for UPSC, but not because of any liking, but because my parents want this. I dont know why but I like the morning, the weeds,sunlight and squirrels,I also like the gigantic sea, giant mountains, ever-stretched blue sky and the water-fall I visited last month, company of my parents and brother. I really like them though I dont know why.

Dept Farewell 2006

[Posted on my Previous Blog; Dated 14th April, 2006]

Dept Farewll was held on 11thApr,2006. It was special as this time it was meant for our batch. Thanx to our 3rd yrs the farewell was superb and really a memorable one.

Kalinga Samaja Trip to Sana-Ghagara:-

[Posted on my Previous Blog; Dated 7th March, 2006]

On 4th night we ( some members of Kalinga Samaja of IIT,kgp) went for picnic to Sana-Ghagara. Its a nice waterfall near Keonjhar town of Orissa. The scenary is really fascinating with hills, forests and off-course the waterfall.

Sonia and Sacrifice

[Posted on my Previous Blog; Dated 24th March, 2006]
A leader is a person who leads a group of people. In other words a group of people follows him or is in his grip. He can command them and control them. Leaders do many things to have the control of people, their thoughts and minds. In India, the best tactic is to potray one as a morally strong person with no attraction for power. And it is the very thing that madam Sonia is doing. First she left the chair of PM to Mr Manmohan Singh and potrayed herself as a demi-goddess. But in reality Singh is no more than a robot who works as Sonia wishes him to. The real power is in the hands of Sonia and no decision can be taken without her consent. Then comes the episode of disqualification/resignation. It is a well-known fact that the congress used disqualification artcle of constitution(102) to disqualify Mrs Jaya Bachan as an MP. But as a reaction the counter-attack was on Sonia herself. Govt had tried hard to use the loop-holes of constitution and bring an ordinance to save Sonia. But an active media backed by opposition easily threw light on the govt's tactics. When Sonia saw no way to save herself she resigned in the name of morality. In India people worship Ram because he followed the so called rules and guidelines to the last word and for it sacrificed 12years of his life and even wife. Sita is also glorified because she obeyed Ram and sacrificed alot. So Sonia understands this sentiment of the common man and uses her pseudo-sacrifices to gloryfy herself. So now she is next to God. All hail Democracy all hail Sonia.

Aeronautics Commission

[Posted on my Previous Blog : Dated 4th October, 2005]
On the 3rd Oct,2k5 issue of The Hindu , an article "The case for an aeronautics commission" is published. It discusses about the present condition of aeronautical industry in India, the cause of its poor state and the scope for future. The article begins with the vision of developing an aeronautics commission and its prime task ie to develop a 150 seater civillian aircraft. Well the vision is of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Azad. But I am here to raise another point.
Aeronautics industry demands a huge input in terms of money and up to now the demand used to come from Indian Air Force(AI) and Air India/Indian Airlines(AR). So naturally it has been a government monopoly. But many may not be aware of the fact that the first aircraft manufacturing unit was a private company and so also the first air liner. The credit goes to the vision of Seth Walchand Hirachand and JRD Tata. But after independence govt of India took charge of both the companies and since then it has been a govt monopoly. Recently the skyways are freed for private parties and we are watching the rise in civillian air liners eg Air Deccan, Sahara Airlines, Spice Jet,Jet Airways to name a few. So why not govt goes for the privatisation of HAL?
No monopoly industry can grow due to lack of competition. And at present there is HAL with its various branches are the sole manufacturing and overhauling units. With the fall in the air fares and the growth in economy, many people are finding air travel within their reach. And there is a huge rise in the aircrafts. So will be the rise in the demands for both manufacturing and overhauling of aircrafts. Manufacturing of a complete aircraft demands huge investments, but not maintainance. Simillarly with the abundance of minerals along with low labour costs Indian companies can capture the market of aircraft parts like they are doing successfully in case of automobile parts. Manufacturing of parts separately will demand low cost and less reasearch work. DRDO has failed miserably in developing Kaveri and is now seeking the help of GE. So why in case of engines only? Rather govt should privatise HAL and give contracts for development and production. US govt does the same and we have many private aeronautical industries in US eg Boing, Northrop Grumann, Lockheed Martin etc. With contract system there will be compition among various companies leading to the production of aircraft parts with low cost and better performance. So its time when govt should privatise HAL and give contracts to private companies for development, production and overhauling of both civillian and millitary planes. L&T has already set up its Aircraft unit. So if govt takes +ve steps then we may see big companies like Tata or Reliance entering this field.
If govt takes suitable steps then no doubt we can find a dynamic aeronautical industry in India.

Astrology (Is our Future Pre-defined):-

[Posted on my Previous Blog; Dated 24th October, 2005]
People always try to know more about their future. There is absolutely no scientific technique to do so rather going by logic future is unpredictable. But the desire to know ones future has been strong since the dawn of humanity. Be it the egyptian civilization or the modern civilization always man has wanted to peak in to the unknown -in to the future.
During my summer internship I used to have nice discussions with my pal Tarun on various topics. One evening while meandering in IITK campus we put forward our views on future and astrology.
In my point of view as noted often "ALWAYS IN MOTION IS THE FUTURE , ITS HARD TO PREDICT". Our actions in present are responsible for the outcomes of our future. Now I am studying for UPSC and if I can continue it sincerly then I will surely crack UPSC. So my actions are responsible for my results. If I act then I will be selected, no action no selection. Is it that simple.? Nope. UPSC is a selection process. So I not only have to perform good but better than my competiters. Then the final result also depends upon the performances of all the aspirants.
So fine
Outcome = f( Aspirants performance).
Again the curriculum of UPSC is very vast. So I have to select a few topics of Maths and Phy ( my optionals) to be sound in them. Now my result becomes a fuction of the number of questions asked from these topics. And in this way we can extend the list to conclude that future cant be predicted.

Now Tarun's theory. If we believe that this creation has a purpose or has been created by God then this cant be thrown in to random. Future must be predefined. According to him if I am studying now for UPSC then it has been already predefined that I will study hard then become successful/ unsuccessful. And everything is already set. We are just doing the things as we are supposed to do. I will rather say that we are programmed to do certain task in a certain period of time.

But I dont agree with him if its already set then whats the meaning of creation? Whats the meaning of our existence?I will sincerely want to know about YOUR VIEW POINT.

Now about astrology. Astrology is a mean to know the future beforehand. Going by my point of view astrology has no credibility as future is unpredictable till it becomes present. I am going to discuss astrology and palmistry later as I have done some study on both of the topics.

If we turn our attention to Indian philosophy then the most prevailing one is the Gita. Here it says that future is never in our hand and so also the results. But we do have our present and the action/ karma in our hand. So we should never care for something that is beyond our control ie result. But we should carry out our karma/action in accordance with our Dharma.
So study for UPSC but never worry for the results. And I think its the outcome that is driving me to work harder. No expectations ... I dont know about others, but I sincerely will loose tempo. And to explain the gap between action and result the concept of rebirth has been stressed. Its our past work in our previous birth that also contributes to our present suffering/ well being. So in my point of view it also concludes that future is unpredictable.

Role of Exams in Technical Studies:-

[Posted on my Previous Blog; Dated 21st September 2005]
Examinations have long been considered as a mean to test ones ability in a particular field. If you are good at a subject then you should perform well in the concerning exam and the results will give a feedback of your abilities in that particular field. I have been giving exams since the day I have been learning. Wait I got through in to my primary school by giving an exam first. So I first gave exam and then started learning. And since then I have been sitting in exams regularly. I got through the IITs through an exam also.
In IITs we are giving exams every now and then. Every semester of 4 months has 2 series of exams 1- midterms and 2- end terms. Out of 4 months a semester we devote 3 weeks to exams. Added to it are the surprise quizes of Prof Laha, Lab tests, Class tests of Maths dept and the list goes on.The outcome of these exams are considered important because they add to the cgpa stuff. Be it for training, job, app etc cgpas are considered important. But are these exams necessary?
We are in IIT to become engineers in various fields. So we are supposed to develope knowledge and skill to face the challenges in the particular field. I am to become an Aerospace engineer that means I should have indepth knowledge of aerodynamics, structures, propulsion and flight mechanics. I should have to be good in numerical computing and have to have ease in dealing with tools eg Ansys and Fluent etc. I should have enough capabilities to use my knowledge and skills and solve problems/ projects. The best way to develop such capabilities is to first learn and then apply.
Prof PK Dutta follows this principle. First we are to be exposed to the basic laws of aerospace science. The general procedure to solve these laws and get required results. Then we are to be taught how to use tools be it Programing or softwares to make our task easier. And then we should be exposed to real life problems and in the process of solving the problems we are to convert our knowledge into wisdom. We are to be graded based on our work done in the problems/ projects. If a person is really commited then he will naturally do substantial amount of work and earn a good grade.
But what is done here? We are given basic stuff about a subject, given some assignments to solve( which carry pretty low weightage) and then expected to write an exam properly. Depending on the outcome of an exam we are graded. Some exams consist of purely theoretical stuff as the corresponding problems can not be solved in exam hall without comp and in 2 hours. In CFD we are expected to mug up procedures and write them in the exams. But in our future career we are supposed to do tasks by using comps and programming. So you need not remember procedures rather you should have thorough understanding and capability to formulate and code the problems.
Moreover some subjects like vibration are entirely of theoretical in nature and no assignements were given. But in our future life we are supposed to solve problems and not recite theory.And the exams also consist of problems which are generally done in the class. Leaving a few profs like TV Rao , Sohail, PK Dutta, others give problems directly from lecture notes. So you are expected to mug up the lecture notes properly rather than develop sound understanding of the subject to score high. Understanding of a subject requires commitment over a period of time while memorizing it demands a night out. So how can we consider exams as a mean to judge ones capabilities in a particular field? to be continued........


[Posted on my previous Blog; Dated 17th Sept, 2005]
I wrote my first poem in Oriya in class 3. This is my first eng poem written in class 8.
Some call it a diary,
Some call it a life story.
But I call it my friend,
Through whom I can send,
My worries and queries,
my feelings and all,
To my God,
To my Creator.
Everynight before going to bed,
I put my feelings of the date,
In my diary poorly edited
I surrender to Him my whole day.
The next day the things get better,
Adversities fall and doubts get cleared.
I know when there is darkness everywhere,
Silence and only silence here and there,
There comes He to know about my heart,
And forgives me for my sinful acts.
Silently He comes ,
And silently goes on His way.
Perhaps to help somebody like me,
Who surrenders his day.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Russy Mody

[Posted on my Previous Blog ; Dated 10th Sept 2005]
Yesterday I went through a book on Russi Mody. Russi Mody is one of the best managers of India , but we know more about Lalu n Modi like politicians than managers and engineers of international repute. Anyway the book Russi Mody:- The Man and his Vision is a new comer in our central library. Rustomji Hormasji Mody has worked for 50 years in Tata Steel in managerial position. He is famous for his managerial skills especially while dealing with labourers. He also had a 2 year stint in Indian Air Lines and Air India as a chairman.
But the most important thing is his thoughts and that my own beliefs and thoughts matches with his.
Some of his thoughts are:-
1:- Democracy may be good for the rest of the world, but for a developing country we need a certain amount of authoritarian rule.
2:-India is lacking in 4 areas
Leadership ; Efficiency; Education ; Discipline.
3:-Disinvestment of PSUs will not be beneficial to Govt rather, it should go for privatisation of management of PSUs . Also the executives of PSUs are to be managers and not civil servants.
Board of directors of any unit should take the final decisions about the unit.

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Caste System in India

This is a post that I had wanted to post during the Gujjar incident, but some how it have remained incomplete...
Long long ago there used to be a race of highly talented and yet uncivilized barbarians known as the Aryans. Talented because they created the Vedas, uncivilized because they were nomadic (still a controversy). Finally the Aryans found a nice place near South Eastern Part of Asia. The place was a plane with rivers. Then the Aryans had a place to live permanently, so they started developing a civilization. The place was called Arya Barta and the civilization, the Aryan Civilization.
As the Aryan civilization started flourishing many customs started changing. As villages transformed into towns, the requirements of the villagers changed. There is no need for everybody to go hunting or farming, only a part of the population can do the job to support the group. But what about God, who bestowed the Aryans with Arya Barta and the rivers. They need to be worshiped and to worship them the Aryans reserved the best minds. The best minds started worshipping Gods by writing hymns in a very secret and tough language called the Sanskrit. The knowledge of the time were composed and documented in Sanskrit. A point of note is that Sanskrit was never the language of the population. But the things were deliberately documented in Sanskrit, rather coded in Sanskrit the mother of all languages. Sanskrit is literally the mother of all languages, because the language was too tough to master or was deliberately done so. The elite or best guys did not want the knowledge to be passed to all. They knew the power of knowledge and they kept the power in their hands. By doing so the elites or Brahmins made the ground ready for the downfall of the Aryans.
There were some in the group who were the best considering physical strength. They were charged with task of protecting the entire group. But in return they were given the best available stuffs regarding food, dress and status. The group was known as the Kshyatrias.
There were some people in the group who were brilliant at making deals and they were assigned with the task of buying and selling. They were known as the Vyasas.
Finally the remaining guys who did not have the power of mind, body or tongue were left to do the things to support the rest. They were regarded as inferior and useless. Though they used to do the core work to support them and all. They were called the Sudras.
Initially all of the grouping was done based on individual capabilities. It follows the rule of nature. The best gets the best and the weakest the worst. So far, so good.
They say power corrupts the best minds. A Kshyatria or Brahmin would hardly like to have his son as a Sudra irrespective of his capabilities. So they gradually made a rule. A rule that became the major cause of the downfall of India (In my point of view). It is the rule of caste. A son of a Brahmin will become a Brahmin irrespective of his capabilities and the rule was applied to all the rest castes as well. It is a rule that defied the rule of the nature. A son of a Brahmin may not have the talent, aptitude or passion for knowledge, yet he is to be a Brahmin.
Vedas consist of knowledge. Knowledge, which was the outcome of the experience of generations. It was a collective experience of one and all. But the Vedas were now in the hands of a group who were not the best to work on them or enhance them. The protectors are a bunch of people who were not the best considering strength and the dealers were a bunch of people who were not the best ones to carry a deal. The outcome was devastating.
The caste that suffered the most was undoubtedly the Sudras. They did not enjoy the best of any thing rather they got the worst of everything. Their life became pathetic and was regarded was a curse.

Last Days at Intergraph :)

Hmm then I am going to leave INGR-India tomorrow. On June 14th, 2006 I had joined Intergraph Consulting Pvt Ltd and I am leaving on 14th Sept, 2006. The last 15 months have been superb considering the work that I have done, the exposure that I have got and the way I have evolved.
Anyways the only thing that is constant in life is change. All through out my life I have been moving from one place to another. I can remember the sequence
Village(Harianta)[1985-88] --> Banarpal(NALCO)[88-90] --> Dhenkanal[90-92] --> Berhampur[92-94] --> Cuttack[94-96] --> Burla(Sambalpur)[96-99] --> Cuttack[99-02] --> Kharagpur[02-06] --> Hyderabad[06-07] --> Mumbai[07-??] --> ?.
So it is nothing new for me, but this time I am feeling a bit bad. Over the last one year INGR has been my home, my life. I used to spend around 15 hours a day and 7 days a week in my cubicle [C-129]. So it is quite obvious that I have developed a sort of attachment to my cubicle, comp and offcourse to INGR-India.

I am just going to flood my blog with entries (incomplete ones). I think my readers are intelligent enough to complete them and get the gist of the postings [:D].

Friday, September 7, 2007

ISRO and Attrition : The Problem Statement

Out of all the research institutions in India, I have always hold ISRO in the highest esteem. Fueled by the passion of hundreds of scientists and engineers and the vision of Vikram Sarabhai, ISRO has achieved a lot in a very short span of time. While organisations like DRDO are infamous for their inefficiency and lack of productivity, ISRO has been immensely successful in all the spheres of its activities.
But recently ISRO is facing a great problem ie to attract and retain the best talents of the country. Space Technology is a highly sophisticated area of research and development. So ISRO needs really smart people to carry out the research, design , development and deployment work. Last year the attrition rate of ISRO was 53%. In the last 3 years ISRO has hired 1060 employees and 392 scientists have left ISRO. No doubt the quality of work done at ISRO is good and there are not much bureaucratic hurdles and politics at workplace [ for which DRDO is notorious]. So the obvious reason is the higher pay packs offered by the private sector.
ISRO is taking some steps to have a decent pool of talent at its disposal. The launch of IIST (Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology) is one in that direction. Students will be specifically trained for Bachelors and Integrated Masters Degrees in aerospace related technologies at IIST. After that they either have to work 5 years for ISRO(provided they have a 1st class) or have to pay Rs 10 lakhs. ISRO has also asked for a salary hike of its employees.
Now for the readers:
1: What do you think that ISRO ought to do to check the attrition?
2: What do you think is the main reason of attrition? Your answer can be specific to ISRO or generic as well.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mozilla Firefox Memory Problems :

I do not think myself to be the only person irritated with the memory usage in Firefox 2.0.0.x . Here is an article that gives some tips to avoid the memory problems in Firefox.
Article Link .
I have been a great fan of Firefox because it used to be light and offcourse due to its tab features. IE has already implemented the tab features. And using multiple tabs in Firefox 2 gives a really bad experience. While the web page on one tab loads, you can hardly do anything on other tabs and the whole browser hangs for some seconds. After running the browser for 1 hour you can observe memeory usage going to the north. But the session saving capability of Firefox comes handy, as it is crashing every now and then. Hope things will improve soon.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Generalizing Specialists

Here is a nice article regarding Generalizing Specialist. According to the article a Generalizing Specialist is someone who
1: Has one or more technical specialties (e.g. Java programming, Project Management, Database Administration, ...).
2: Has at least a general knowledge of software development.
3: Has at least a general knowledge of the business domain in which they work.
4: Actively seeks to gain new skills in both their existing specialties as well as in other areas, including both technical and domain areas.

For Details :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Life of a Programmer

Life of a Programmer
I think the above video link is for all the programmers to watch(especially the frustrated ones :) )

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Athlete of the Future

ATHLETE (All-Terrain Hex-Legged Extra-Terrestrial Explorer)is robotic vehicle for Lunar Exploration.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


iWoz is the autobiography of Steve Wozniak. Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded Apple and helped in the spread of computers from Labs and Large Corporates to small and medium businesses and even to the households.

I will suggest it a must read for each and every engineer. Steve has narrated his engineering projects intoto which covers a sizable portion of the book. So I think it may be some what boring for people without a love for technologies and engineering. But the language used is pretty simple.

He has expressed his passions, views and work in a very lucid manner in his autobiography. Some of the pieces I have put below for the readers to go through.
[Engineering] ...Engineering was the highest level of importance you could reach in the world... . He[Father of Steve] told me that as an engineer, you can change the world and change the way of life for lots and lots of people.
[Usability]We are taught to add and subtract at school, but nobody teaches you tic-tac-toe. It is not that important. Adding numbers could put a man on moon, tic-tac-toe could not.
[Patience]Throught out my career at Apple and other places, you always find a lot of geeks who try to reach levels without doing the in-between ones first, and it won't work. It never does.
[Algorithm]That made me realize that a million times a second[speed of computer] did not solve everything. Raw speed is not always the solution. Many understandable problems need an insightful, well-thought-out approach to succeed. The approach a program uses to solve something, the rule and steps and procedures it follows, by the way, is called an algorithm.
[Company] I still think that way. My thinking is that a company is like a family, a community, where we all take care of each other. I never agreed with the normal thinking, where a company is mere competition driven and the poorest, youngest or the most recent hired workers are the first to go.
[Developing Apple I computer] To actually construct the computer, I gathered my parts together. I did this construction work in my cubicle at HP. On a typical day, I would go home after work and eat a TV dinner or make spaghetti and then drive the 5 minutes back to work where I would like to sign in again and work late into the night. I liked to work on this project at HP. I guess because, it was an engineering kind of environment. And when it came time to test or solder, all the equipment was there.
[Apple] we[Steve Jobs and He] wanted Apple to have this amazing employee morale we think HP got as a result of treating its engineers like the upper class citizens.
[Engineers] Most inventors and engineers I have met are like me, they are shy and they live in their heads. They are almost like artists. In fact the very best of them are artists.
Engineers often strive to do thigs more perfectly than even they think is possible. Every tiny part or line of code has to have a reason, and the approach has to be direct, short and fast.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Future of CAD Softwares

This is an artcile written by Jeff Ray, CEO, Solidworks and published in the Economic Times on 26thJuly,2007. I think it's a nice one to go through.

Article by Jeff Ray, CEO, Solidworks

In the article Ray has identified 5 areas in which the present day CAD softwares need to improve. The areas are
1:- Usability
2:- Speed
3:- Graphics
4:- Intelligence
5:- Automation
[Jeff Ray, CEO, Solidworks] "In the years to come, 3D CAD software will steadily improve engineering productivity by speeding the design process, suggesting options along the way, and identifying problems earlier. The software will ‘think’ for the user. It will anticipate what designers are creating. If they are creating weldments, for example, preconfigured pipes, beams, tubes, and angle irons will automatically fall into place. Software will also increasingly offer smart layout and materials options, and continuously assess the structural integrity of the design using embedded analysis software. The resulting acceleration of the design process will give designers more time, deliver the resulting product more quickly to market, and reduce the risk of failure."

Pervasive Computing 1

31st July,2007 is going tobe the last day for filling Income Tax returns and as usual some people wake up at the last moment. The procedure is simple.

Step1:- You have to do all the calculations regarding your taxes.
Step2:- You have to get a form( ITR 1 for my case) and fill the form with all the details. Then you have to fill one acknowledgement form.
Step3:- You have to goto your nearest IT office, stand in a queue and process your form when your turn comes.
Is not it simple? [:D]

Well if you think it tobe tedious, then you have to get hold of one agent and give him some bucks to do all the work for you. Agents can be found easily. The one coming to our office charges 200 bucks, but does all the tedious work for us.
But still some people(including me) think 200 is a very high price to pay and are damn lazy to stand in queue as well. Then this year the IT guys have come up with a really innovative procedure called eFilling.

You can submit your IT return online by following process.

1. GO TO


3. GO TO










that's it . it's done

Then I have followed the procedures to fill my form and have submitted it. If you have not, then hurry up. [:)]

After a Long Break...

I have not blogged for over a month. I have been busy these days and have failed to come up with any posts. Then last week some of my friends asked me about my silence at the blogspot. I have never imagined that so many people read my blog and they miss it so much. One of my friends has asked me to post something regarding .NET and another has asked me to post some personal stuffs as well. So here I am again and I promise to post some nice stuffs regularly.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Creative Capitalism

Creative Capitalism is a new term coined by Bill Gates while addressing the fresh graduates at Harvard. For details just follow the link:
Bill Gates Speech at Harvard

Thursday, June 7, 2007

What type of Programmer are YOU?

The following link leads you to a test and tells you what type of a Programmer you are. Though I have gone through the test, I think it is pretty straight forward and not tricky.
The result of my test is given atop.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Surface Computing Technology :

MS has recently built a new Touch Screen Computer. The new technology is named as Surface Computing and I will strongly recommend you to follow the link : to learn more about this cool technology.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

It happens only in India.

A really interesting incident is happening in India. In Rajastan, people belonging to a community called the Gujjars have been disrupting the law and order of the state. They are demanding to be tagged as Scheduled Tribes or STs.
In India there are quotas for various backward classes and SCs, STs are regarded as the most backward ones. SCs and STs are followed by the OBCs .The Gujjar community is already grouped as OBC (Other Backward Castes). Recently another community called the Jats are also brought into OBC as a Backward Class. So the Gujjars are fearing as the OBC quota will be shared with the Jats. They have realized that they can not compete with the Jats. So the Gujjars now want to be termed as ST, a status of more backwardness rather most backwardness.
It is also going to have a rippling effect. Another so called backward community is Meena. They are in ST. So the Meenas dont want to share the opportunities of being an ST with the Gujjars. They have also threatened to disrupt the social life if there arises any threat to their share.
It can be a nice case study for IIMs.
What can be the solution?
I have 4 solutions in mind
[Good for IIM GD]
1:- Bring out more granularity eg Less Backward Class < Backward Class < More Backward Class. Put Jats in one and Gujjars in a place below Jats.
2:- Put Gujjars into STs and create another group as Most Backward Class MBC. Put the Meenas into the MBC.
3:- Divide the opportunity between the population ie if Meenas consist of x%, Gujjars y% , and Brahmins z% then have x% reservation for Meenas, y% for Gujjars and Z% for Brahmins.
[Bad for IIM GD]
4:- Abolish the Quotas.
Which one do you support?If Ambedkar would have been alive, then he would have been damn happy seeing the happenings at Rajastan. And remind you I dont think any where in the world people are fighting to be regarded as more backward. This incident has highlighted the ugly effect that the Caste based reservation is having in our society. We should encourage progressive outlooks, rather than negative spirit.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Today I am Happy :)

Then it has been really hectic and chaotic. There was an urgent customer requirement and we had to push a lot. Anyhow we managed to push A LOT.
These things are common in IT industry. Strict deadlines and hectic schedules are an integral part of a programmer's life. Stupid things like poor work culture and work environment may add to it. Still there are lakhs and lakhs of coders working with this pressure and stress and developing lots and lots of functional softwares. Softwares that make the life of many people comfortable. It may be a great Operating System or a simple web browser, but IT has played a significant role in everybody's day to day life.
While developing these products coders compromise alot. They may have to go with an inferior solution that can be deployed quickly rather than the best one, they want to employ. And this thing matters a lot to programmers.
Still they move on. Then the reason can be MONEY? After all engineers in IT field earn alot more than the engineers in Mechanical or Civil. But for me its something other than money and I know that it is the same for the rest of programmers. I know that the stuff that I am developing will help some design engineer working in Piping Industry. I dont know the engineer nor he knows me. But I know somebody will use the functionality that I have developed and he will get benefitted. He will certainly feel the significance of the product in making his task simple.
Everybody knows that Programmers love Coding the most. Programmers love the machines and love to work with the machines. Programmers love maths, puzzles, logic etc etc. And I love them too. I love to design my routines , analyze them, get feedback from my lead regarding them and code them. But the time I enjoy the most is when I see them in action.
The lines of code written by me are nice and that I know. My lead also knows, as he reviews them. Some of my team mates will know as they move through our codes frequently. But the user, the unknown man for whom we are working evaluates the true value of those lines. He knows absolutely nothing regarding my codes nor he has any interest. But he is spending some bucks and in return wants some of his work tobe done by the machines accurately and efficiently. And to my greatest pleasure I found today that everything developed by me are working perfectly in our software :) :) :). Today I am happy. I am happy because we are done with SP2 and I can have some loose time schedule for some weeks. I am also happy because today I find my work tobe perfect and fine : ).

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Good News ...

AIAA is the short form of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. All the materials coming out of AIAA are rich in content and really nice. I have been an ardent reader of AIAA since my grad-days.
But the good news is that we can explore the contents of the Journal of Aerospace Computing, Information, and Communication (JACIC) for free. The issues published from Jan,2004 are free to read. But the offer lasts till May 27. Hence HURRY UP :).

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Phoenix Mission

NASA's Scout Program is an initiative for smaller, low-cost, yet highly innovative missions. The missions will be complementary to major missions being planned for Mars Exploration Programme.
The Phoenix mission is the first mission for the Scout Program.The objectives of Phoenix are to search for water, search for the history of water, search for habitable zones.
The Phoenix is scheduled for launch in August 2007. It will be equipped with tools to dig the surface of Mars and analyze the surface. It is to land in the north pole of Mars. According to the surveys from Mars Odyssey, soil holds frozen water near the surface in the north pole region.
The best thing about this mission is the way it has been planned and executed. The work has been carried out by Jet Propulasion Lab of NASA, University of Arizona and Lockheed Martian Space System. It is a perfect example of a decent partnership betweeen government, academia and industry. Hope ISRO is listening :).

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dr. Dobb's Honors Grady Booch

This video shows something really nice. Grady Booch being honored by Dr. Dobb's in Second Life. SecondLife is a 3D virtual world, entirely developed and own by its residents.

Monday, May 7, 2007 Do I spell GHOST :)

Ghost is a virtual web computer service. It has a nice and clean interface and that's why I like it the most. Though Ghost is still in a rudimentary form, but I think it to be the future. It is really handy for a person like me who does not have a PC, but has broadband net access.Why don't you give it a try?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Oracle SQL Developer

In MS-Sql 2005 the thing that I like the most is the Management Studio. For all the Management Studio addicted guys working in Oracle SQL Plus is definitely irritating. But I like Oracle SQL Developer alot as it has almost all the functionalities of Management Studio( that I use frequently).
It has got a cool GUI, is easy to setup and use and most important thing is that it makes me code faster and better.

Monday, April 30, 2007

IT Industry in Orissa

IT and ITeS sector is growing with a great pace in India. Even though Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Noida and Gudgaon are leading the race, the other parts of India are also seeing some IT activities . The infrastructure saturation of Bangalore and the high cost in the above cities has made the IT companies to look elsewhere.
The growth of IT industry in Orissa has been good for the last 2 fiscal years. While the state has attracted 14 IT companies in the fiscal year 2005-06, it has succeeded in getting 19 this year ie 2006-07. The IT export has a growth of 58% in the 2006-07 fiscal year resulting in good revenue to the state. Hence the state is trying his best to provide good support to the companies.
The process of land allocation is going on for Wipro Training Center(planned for a capacity of 30,000), Aricent Training Center (capacity of 1,500) and another training center to be setup by Anil-Dhirubhai Group. The state is also planning to provide housing facilities to the IT professionals by developing Residential Complexes near Infocity I. While the work for developing Indian Institute of Information Science has been started, the state is also going to ask the Center for setting an IIIT(Indian Institute of Information Technology) in the state.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Design Deadlocks

I think almost all programmers have been through this experience. Once I had to wait for a week to get the details regarding a delete implementation. I had implemented the stuff in 3 ways ( one preferred by one Project Leader, one by our Designer and one preferred by me :)) in 2 days only. I first implemented the stuff in a way that I liked the most. But while reviewing my PL did not like it and he put forward his way. To put weightage to his opinion, he asked the Designer. And she came out with her own :). After a week long discussion between my PL, Designer and Manager the last one was taken. By that time I had finished implementing all three and done some other work as well.

Joel on Software

Joel on Software is a great place for coders and managers(IT) to learn.
Now the job postings on the site has an exclusive indian section.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Recently I have installed Oracle Server 10g on my machine. But after that windows start up process became very slow. I googled and found some tips to make the process faster.msconfig is a nice utility to eliminate the useless stuffs from the startup and only keep the essential ones. I found it very useful. For the detail use you can google too :).

Monday, April 23, 2007

PSLV C-8 Launch

Today(23 rd April,2006) PSLV C-8 has successfully taken Italian satellite AGILE and Indian satellite AAM(Advanced Avionics Module) to orbit.
ISRO's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) has been hugely successful till now. This one is PSLV's 11th flight and the first commercial launch. PSLVs had put 6 foreign satellites in orbit before for a nominal fee. This is for the first time Antrix, the commercial wing of Department of Space has charged international rates.
AGILE is an astronomical satellite. It is to study distant celestial bodies in the X-ray and Gamma ray regions of electromagnetic spectrum.
AMM is to test advanced launch vehicle avionics systems eg mission computer, navigation and telemetry systems. It has a next generation computer, Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), 2 advanced inertial navigation systems and another navigation system aided by GPS on board.

Friday, April 20, 2007

NASA going Open Source

CoLab is an effort of NASA to invite the public to help NASA scientists with various engineering problems. It is to provide a framework for developing partnership projects between NASA and the techo-entrepreneurial community.

The latest project from CoLab is CosmosCode which is going tobe a free and opensource space software.

In addition to these NASA is maintening 20 OpenSource Softwares under NASA Open Source Agreement(NOSA).

This is really a very good news for Coders and Space evangelists alike. :)

Yuri Gagarin

Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin in 12th April 1961 became the first human in space . No doubt many human space missions have been executed successfully after that, but this incident remains a mile stone in human history.