Thursday, May 31, 2007

It happens only in India.

A really interesting incident is happening in India. In Rajastan, people belonging to a community called the Gujjars have been disrupting the law and order of the state. They are demanding to be tagged as Scheduled Tribes or STs.
In India there are quotas for various backward classes and SCs, STs are regarded as the most backward ones. SCs and STs are followed by the OBCs .The Gujjar community is already grouped as OBC (Other Backward Castes). Recently another community called the Jats are also brought into OBC as a Backward Class. So the Gujjars are fearing as the OBC quota will be shared with the Jats. They have realized that they can not compete with the Jats. So the Gujjars now want to be termed as ST, a status of more backwardness rather most backwardness.
It is also going to have a rippling effect. Another so called backward community is Meena. They are in ST. So the Meenas dont want to share the opportunities of being an ST with the Gujjars. They have also threatened to disrupt the social life if there arises any threat to their share.
It can be a nice case study for IIMs.
What can be the solution?
I have 4 solutions in mind
[Good for IIM GD]
1:- Bring out more granularity eg Less Backward Class < Backward Class < More Backward Class. Put Jats in one and Gujjars in a place below Jats.
2:- Put Gujjars into STs and create another group as Most Backward Class MBC. Put the Meenas into the MBC.
3:- Divide the opportunity between the population ie if Meenas consist of x%, Gujjars y% , and Brahmins z% then have x% reservation for Meenas, y% for Gujjars and Z% for Brahmins.
[Bad for IIM GD]
4:- Abolish the Quotas.
Which one do you support?If Ambedkar would have been alive, then he would have been damn happy seeing the happenings at Rajastan. And remind you I dont think any where in the world people are fighting to be regarded as more backward. This incident has highlighted the ugly effect that the Caste based reservation is having in our society. We should encourage progressive outlooks, rather than negative spirit.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Today I am Happy :)

Then it has been really hectic and chaotic. There was an urgent customer requirement and we had to push a lot. Anyhow we managed to push A LOT.
These things are common in IT industry. Strict deadlines and hectic schedules are an integral part of a programmer's life. Stupid things like poor work culture and work environment may add to it. Still there are lakhs and lakhs of coders working with this pressure and stress and developing lots and lots of functional softwares. Softwares that make the life of many people comfortable. It may be a great Operating System or a simple web browser, but IT has played a significant role in everybody's day to day life.
While developing these products coders compromise alot. They may have to go with an inferior solution that can be deployed quickly rather than the best one, they want to employ. And this thing matters a lot to programmers.
Still they move on. Then the reason can be MONEY? After all engineers in IT field earn alot more than the engineers in Mechanical or Civil. But for me its something other than money and I know that it is the same for the rest of programmers. I know that the stuff that I am developing will help some design engineer working in Piping Industry. I dont know the engineer nor he knows me. But I know somebody will use the functionality that I have developed and he will get benefitted. He will certainly feel the significance of the product in making his task simple.
Everybody knows that Programmers love Coding the most. Programmers love the machines and love to work with the machines. Programmers love maths, puzzles, logic etc etc. And I love them too. I love to design my routines , analyze them, get feedback from my lead regarding them and code them. But the time I enjoy the most is when I see them in action.
The lines of code written by me are nice and that I know. My lead also knows, as he reviews them. Some of my team mates will know as they move through our codes frequently. But the user, the unknown man for whom we are working evaluates the true value of those lines. He knows absolutely nothing regarding my codes nor he has any interest. But he is spending some bucks and in return wants some of his work tobe done by the machines accurately and efficiently. And to my greatest pleasure I found today that everything developed by me are working perfectly in our software :) :) :). Today I am happy. I am happy because we are done with SP2 and I can have some loose time schedule for some weeks. I am also happy because today I find my work tobe perfect and fine : ).

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Good News ...

AIAA is the short form of American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. All the materials coming out of AIAA are rich in content and really nice. I have been an ardent reader of AIAA since my grad-days.
But the good news is that we can explore the contents of the Journal of Aerospace Computing, Information, and Communication (JACIC) for free. The issues published from Jan,2004 are free to read. But the offer lasts till May 27. Hence HURRY UP :).

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Phoenix Mission

NASA's Scout Program is an initiative for smaller, low-cost, yet highly innovative missions. The missions will be complementary to major missions being planned for Mars Exploration Programme.
The Phoenix mission is the first mission for the Scout Program.The objectives of Phoenix are to search for water, search for the history of water, search for habitable zones.
The Phoenix is scheduled for launch in August 2007. It will be equipped with tools to dig the surface of Mars and analyze the surface. It is to land in the north pole of Mars. According to the surveys from Mars Odyssey, soil holds frozen water near the surface in the north pole region.
The best thing about this mission is the way it has been planned and executed. The work has been carried out by Jet Propulasion Lab of NASA, University of Arizona and Lockheed Martian Space System. It is a perfect example of a decent partnership betweeen government, academia and industry. Hope ISRO is listening :).

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dr. Dobb's Honors Grady Booch

This video shows something really nice. Grady Booch being honored by Dr. Dobb's in Second Life. SecondLife is a 3D virtual world, entirely developed and own by its residents.

Monday, May 7, 2007 Do I spell GHOST :)

Ghost is a virtual web computer service. It has a nice and clean interface and that's why I like it the most. Though Ghost is still in a rudimentary form, but I think it to be the future. It is really handy for a person like me who does not have a PC, but has broadband net access.Why don't you give it a try?

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Oracle SQL Developer

In MS-Sql 2005 the thing that I like the most is the Management Studio. For all the Management Studio addicted guys working in Oracle SQL Plus is definitely irritating. But I like Oracle SQL Developer alot as it has almost all the functionalities of Management Studio( that I use frequently).
It has got a cool GUI, is easy to setup and use and most important thing is that it makes me code faster and better.