Thursday, May 31, 2007

It happens only in India.

A really interesting incident is happening in India. In Rajastan, people belonging to a community called the Gujjars have been disrupting the law and order of the state. They are demanding to be tagged as Scheduled Tribes or STs.
In India there are quotas for various backward classes and SCs, STs are regarded as the most backward ones. SCs and STs are followed by the OBCs .The Gujjar community is already grouped as OBC (Other Backward Castes). Recently another community called the Jats are also brought into OBC as a Backward Class. So the Gujjars are fearing as the OBC quota will be shared with the Jats. They have realized that they can not compete with the Jats. So the Gujjars now want to be termed as ST, a status of more backwardness rather most backwardness.
It is also going to have a rippling effect. Another so called backward community is Meena. They are in ST. So the Meenas dont want to share the opportunities of being an ST with the Gujjars. They have also threatened to disrupt the social life if there arises any threat to their share.
It can be a nice case study for IIMs.
What can be the solution?
I have 4 solutions in mind
[Good for IIM GD]
1:- Bring out more granularity eg Less Backward Class < Backward Class < More Backward Class. Put Jats in one and Gujjars in a place below Jats.
2:- Put Gujjars into STs and create another group as Most Backward Class MBC. Put the Meenas into the MBC.
3:- Divide the opportunity between the population ie if Meenas consist of x%, Gujjars y% , and Brahmins z% then have x% reservation for Meenas, y% for Gujjars and Z% for Brahmins.
[Bad for IIM GD]
4:- Abolish the Quotas.
Which one do you support?If Ambedkar would have been alive, then he would have been damn happy seeing the happenings at Rajastan. And remind you I dont think any where in the world people are fighting to be regarded as more backward. This incident has highlighted the ugly effect that the Caste based reservation is having in our society. We should encourage progressive outlooks, rather than negative spirit.

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