Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Phoenix Mission

NASA's Scout Program is an initiative for smaller, low-cost, yet highly innovative missions. The missions will be complementary to major missions being planned for Mars Exploration Programme.
The Phoenix mission is the first mission for the Scout Program.The objectives of Phoenix are to search for water, search for the history of water, search for habitable zones.
The Phoenix is scheduled for launch in August 2007. It will be equipped with tools to dig the surface of Mars and analyze the surface. It is to land in the north pole of Mars. According to the surveys from Mars Odyssey, soil holds frozen water near the surface in the north pole region.
The best thing about this mission is the way it has been planned and executed. The work has been carried out by Jet Propulasion Lab of NASA, University of Arizona and Lockheed Martian Space System. It is a perfect example of a decent partnership betweeen government, academia and industry. Hope ISRO is listening :).

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