Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Future of CAD Softwares

This is an artcile written by Jeff Ray, CEO, Solidworks and published in the Economic Times on 26thJuly,2007. I think it's a nice one to go through.

Article by Jeff Ray, CEO, Solidworks

In the article Ray has identified 5 areas in which the present day CAD softwares need to improve. The areas are
1:- Usability
2:- Speed
3:- Graphics
4:- Intelligence
5:- Automation
[Jeff Ray, CEO, Solidworks] "In the years to come, 3D CAD software will steadily improve engineering productivity by speeding the design process, suggesting options along the way, and identifying problems earlier. The software will ‘think’ for the user. It will anticipate what designers are creating. If they are creating weldments, for example, preconfigured pipes, beams, tubes, and angle irons will automatically fall into place. Software will also increasingly offer smart layout and materials options, and continuously assess the structural integrity of the design using embedded analysis software. The resulting acceleration of the design process will give designers more time, deliver the resulting product more quickly to market, and reduce the risk of failure."

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