Thursday, September 13, 2007

50% Reservation, Vidroh n Me

[Posted in my Previous Blog; Dated 9th April,2006]
[1: The 50% reservation is going to be implemented, but gradually so the seats for general candidates won't get affected. Offcourse the Supreme Court is making some noise every now and then.
2:Actually the so called rather over hyped Vidroh had died silently. Much protest was observed from the medical students and hardly any from the engineering students. Perhaps the medics found a medium to vent their anger and frustration. The masses have left the campus to join some job or for higher studies. The condition of the mass mobilizers is more or less the same.
3:I have stopped my preparation for the UPSC. You know it's for the maggus and there is much better work to be done by intelligent guys like me [:D]. These days I have become a coder and have been spending some 16 hrs a day in front of the company provided comp with free internet connection. I am still out of sync with the outside world. And in the morning I am trying to submit some work to my Project Lead, so that I can make him fool for the rest of the day [:)]. ]
1:50% Reservation
Well the Congress is in power and hence some sort of stupidity is expected from this oldest party of our nation. Congress was formed initially to please the Brits and in return get some benefit from them. Naturally this used to be a team of the elites and the benefits were solely for them. All these stuffs changed dramatically after the entry of people like Gandhi who tried to get benefits for the common lot again by pleasing the brits rather than opposing them. Very few indians at that time like Bhagat Singh or Azad had the courage to take on the brits by force. So the philosophy of pleasing and getting some incentives became damn popular in india and Congress gradually became the voice of india. No doubt Mahatma Gandhi tried thrice and always (including Quit India) he stopped his process of opposing the Brits in mid-way prefering Round-Table like stuff instead. Because he was never opposing the brits rather showing them the level of unrest in india and getting some incentives to stop the possibility of any Revolution.
Then came The Fuhrer and his dream of the Aryan civilisation. Though 1000 yrs of Nazi rule was cut-short to around 10yrs, but India got its freedom. In the changed geo-political scenario the brits didnt have any other options as well. But Congress sticked to its characteristics. Now the power lies in the oppressed lot and the muslims because they come to vote as a whole unlike the so called upper class people.
So Congress have gone to a large extent to please them along with the Nehru(Gandhi) dynasty- the power holder of india. While Ambedkar was a Congress man, VP Singh was an ex one. And now came Arjun Singh. So it has been decided to bring 50% reservation to all IITs,IIMs,DU and such reputed organisations.

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