Thursday, September 13, 2007

50% Reservation,Vidroh n Me

3:- Me
So the Vidroh is seething and I have got invitation via yahoo to join the orkut gps, to gather at Cheddis. I have even got personal invitation from my friends like Tarun and Rituraj who are in the forefront of all these activities(of sending mails :)). But I did not go to Cheddis. Also I have nt joined Orkut gps. After having a good sleep of 6hrs I am writing my blog and going through the timesofindia. Today I have planned to bunk the classes of Prof XYZ not in protest, but because I dont enjoy the class. At present my main concern is not any reservation, but submitting some project work to my guide and make him fool for the rest of the week. (Today is Monday [:)]).
So I am a sort of out of sync with the outside world. Here sitting inside my tiny little room (B-101(does it translate to laughing out loud?):Patel) I am gazing outside my window to look at the morning sunlight, the green weeds grown unchecked and tiny squirrels moving on the tree by my window-side. All these protests seem worthless to me. Now its 15 to 7 and I should start reading history of India. Ya, I am preparing for UPSC, but not because of any liking, but because my parents want this. I dont know why but I like the morning, the weeds,sunlight and squirrels,I also like the gigantic sea, giant mountains, ever-stretched blue sky and the water-fall I visited last month, company of my parents and brother. I really like them though I dont know why.

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