Thursday, September 13, 2007

50% Reservation,Vidroh n Me

Though using the word Vidroh is some what misleading, but many people are not happy with the recent developments. Mainly these are upper class people and so called educated class people. I am also against these stuffs or am I?. But the iitians especially iit-kgp students(kgpians) are very very unhappy. So they have decided to oppose it. How? We iitians actually have very low level of freedom. The iit system has concentrated all of its power at the hands of profs and diro. The D.C. (Disciplinary Committee Action) is like the sword of Damocles on our heads. Though the iit staffs can protest in front of main building or close the insti gate without the fear of any counter action, students can't even maintain a blog or newspaper that can criticise the iit system(e.g. the BCRoy episode). So they started from orkut and expressed their unhappiness.
Reservations must be removed.
Some suggested going to insti with black band while some suggested bunking classes. Some gandhibadis suggested not to take mess food in an evening in protest(what a pathetic suggestion !). Signature collections also took place both in halls and wings and via internet. Students are gathering at common student places like Cheddis and discussing regarding the future course of action. The orkut gps are also damn busy. The mass mobilizers (though i dont know the quantity and quality of mass)are some of my batch-mates who are mainly dreaming of becoming politicians in future. I dont think missing a mess food or bunking classes will have any effect in the Parliament. But here the students who wanna clear UPSC to have a smooth path into politics,and wanna be in politics to gain power and rule the nation are very much optimistic and Vidroh ( as they say ) is seething....

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