Thursday, September 13, 2007

Astrology (Is our Future Pre-defined):-

[Posted on my Previous Blog; Dated 24th October, 2005]
People always try to know more about their future. There is absolutely no scientific technique to do so rather going by logic future is unpredictable. But the desire to know ones future has been strong since the dawn of humanity. Be it the egyptian civilization or the modern civilization always man has wanted to peak in to the unknown -in to the future.
During my summer internship I used to have nice discussions with my pal Tarun on various topics. One evening while meandering in IITK campus we put forward our views on future and astrology.
In my point of view as noted often "ALWAYS IN MOTION IS THE FUTURE , ITS HARD TO PREDICT". Our actions in present are responsible for the outcomes of our future. Now I am studying for UPSC and if I can continue it sincerly then I will surely crack UPSC. So my actions are responsible for my results. If I act then I will be selected, no action no selection. Is it that simple.? Nope. UPSC is a selection process. So I not only have to perform good but better than my competiters. Then the final result also depends upon the performances of all the aspirants.
So fine
Outcome = f( Aspirants performance).
Again the curriculum of UPSC is very vast. So I have to select a few topics of Maths and Phy ( my optionals) to be sound in them. Now my result becomes a fuction of the number of questions asked from these topics. And in this way we can extend the list to conclude that future cant be predicted.

Now Tarun's theory. If we believe that this creation has a purpose or has been created by God then this cant be thrown in to random. Future must be predefined. According to him if I am studying now for UPSC then it has been already predefined that I will study hard then become successful/ unsuccessful. And everything is already set. We are just doing the things as we are supposed to do. I will rather say that we are programmed to do certain task in a certain period of time.

But I dont agree with him if its already set then whats the meaning of creation? Whats the meaning of our existence?I will sincerely want to know about YOUR VIEW POINT.

Now about astrology. Astrology is a mean to know the future beforehand. Going by my point of view astrology has no credibility as future is unpredictable till it becomes present. I am going to discuss astrology and palmistry later as I have done some study on both of the topics.

If we turn our attention to Indian philosophy then the most prevailing one is the Gita. Here it says that future is never in our hand and so also the results. But we do have our present and the action/ karma in our hand. So we should never care for something that is beyond our control ie result. But we should carry out our karma/action in accordance with our Dharma.
So study for UPSC but never worry for the results. And I think its the outcome that is driving me to work harder. No expectations ... I dont know about others, but I sincerely will loose tempo. And to explain the gap between action and result the concept of rebirth has been stressed. Its our past work in our previous birth that also contributes to our present suffering/ well being. So in my point of view it also concludes that future is unpredictable.

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