Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Last Days at Intergraph :)

Hmm then I am going to leave INGR-India tomorrow. On June 14th, 2006 I had joined Intergraph Consulting Pvt Ltd and I am leaving on 14th Sept, 2006. The last 15 months have been superb considering the work that I have done, the exposure that I have got and the way I have evolved.
Anyways the only thing that is constant in life is change. All through out my life I have been moving from one place to another. I can remember the sequence
Village(Harianta)[1985-88] --> Banarpal(NALCO)[88-90] --> Dhenkanal[90-92] --> Berhampur[92-94] --> Cuttack[94-96] --> Burla(Sambalpur)[96-99] --> Cuttack[99-02] --> Kharagpur[02-06] --> Hyderabad[06-07] --> Mumbai[07-??] --> ?.
So it is nothing new for me, but this time I am feeling a bit bad. Over the last one year INGR has been my home, my life. I used to spend around 15 hours a day and 7 days a week in my cubicle [C-129]. So it is quite obvious that I have developed a sort of attachment to my cubicle, comp and offcourse to INGR-India.

I am just going to flood my blog with entries (incomplete ones). I think my readers are intelligent enough to complete them and get the gist of the postings [:D].

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