Thursday, September 13, 2007


[Posted on my previous Blog; Dated 17th Sept, 2005]
I wrote my first poem in Oriya in class 3. This is my first eng poem written in class 8.
Some call it a diary,
Some call it a life story.
But I call it my friend,
Through whom I can send,
My worries and queries,
my feelings and all,
To my God,
To my Creator.
Everynight before going to bed,
I put my feelings of the date,
In my diary poorly edited
I surrender to Him my whole day.
The next day the things get better,
Adversities fall and doubts get cleared.
I know when there is darkness everywhere,
Silence and only silence here and there,
There comes He to know about my heart,
And forgives me for my sinful acts.
Silently He comes ,
And silently goes on His way.
Perhaps to help somebody like me,
Who surrenders his day.

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