Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Russy Mody

[Posted on my Previous Blog ; Dated 10th Sept 2005]
Yesterday I went through a book on Russi Mody. Russi Mody is one of the best managers of India , but we know more about Lalu n Modi like politicians than managers and engineers of international repute. Anyway the book Russi Mody:- The Man and his Vision is a new comer in our central library. Rustomji Hormasji Mody has worked for 50 years in Tata Steel in managerial position. He is famous for his managerial skills especially while dealing with labourers. He also had a 2 year stint in Indian Air Lines and Air India as a chairman.
But the most important thing is his thoughts and that my own beliefs and thoughts matches with his.
Some of his thoughts are:-
1:- Democracy may be good for the rest of the world, but for a developing country we need a certain amount of authoritarian rule.
2:-India is lacking in 4 areas
Leadership ; Efficiency; Education ; Discipline.
3:-Disinvestment of PSUs will not be beneficial to Govt rather, it should go for privatisation of management of PSUs . Also the executives of PSUs are to be managers and not civil servants.
Board of directors of any unit should take the final decisions about the unit.

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