Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sonia and Sacrifice

[Posted on my Previous Blog; Dated 24th March, 2006]
A leader is a person who leads a group of people. In other words a group of people follows him or is in his grip. He can command them and control them. Leaders do many things to have the control of people, their thoughts and minds. In India, the best tactic is to potray one as a morally strong person with no attraction for power. And it is the very thing that madam Sonia is doing. First she left the chair of PM to Mr Manmohan Singh and potrayed herself as a demi-goddess. But in reality Singh is no more than a robot who works as Sonia wishes him to. The real power is in the hands of Sonia and no decision can be taken without her consent. Then comes the episode of disqualification/resignation. It is a well-known fact that the congress used disqualification artcle of constitution(102) to disqualify Mrs Jaya Bachan as an MP. But as a reaction the counter-attack was on Sonia herself. Govt had tried hard to use the loop-holes of constitution and bring an ordinance to save Sonia. But an active media backed by opposition easily threw light on the govt's tactics. When Sonia saw no way to save herself she resigned in the name of morality. In India people worship Ram because he followed the so called rules and guidelines to the last word and for it sacrificed 12years of his life and even wife. Sita is also glorified because she obeyed Ram and sacrificed alot. So Sonia understands this sentiment of the common man and uses her pseudo-sacrifices to gloryfy herself. So now she is next to God. All hail Democracy all hail Sonia.

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