Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chang'e - 1 Launched

Today China launched its first moon orbiter from Xichang space centre. The mission named as Chang'e-1 is to be of one year duration and is an exploration mission. Chang'e is the name of a Chinese goddess who flew to the moon. It is to enter the lunar orbit in early November and become operational by the end of November. Chang'e-1 is to take snaps of lunar surface and use the pics to analyze the elements on Lunar surface and take measurements of lunar surfaces.
Chinese Lunar Exploration program conducted by China National Space Administration (CNSA) is to be done in 3 stages
stage1:- Chang'e-1 : Lunar Orbiting (2007)
stage2:- Chang'e-2 : Lunar Surface Landing (2008-09)
stage3:- Chang'e-3 : Lunar Sample Returning (2012-17)
It has to be followed by Manned Lunar Missions around 2020.
As of now congrats to CNSA for successful launch of Chang'e-1.

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