Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mumbai SubUrban Railway

Every large city in the world has a well-connected public transport system and Mumbai is no exception to it.
Mumbai main city is South-Mumbai. But with the rise in population it has extended towards the north. The far northern regions are known as the sub-urban regions.
Generally the cost of living especially the real estate costs are pretty high in South-Mumbai. So people prefer to have houses in the sub-urban regions, while their work places are in the southern region. Everyday the population has to commute to and fro their work places. To fulfill this requirement and to enhance the connectivity of Mumbai city as a whole, there is a fantastic piece of railway network, popularly known as the Mumbai Suburban Railway System.
The Mumbai Suburban Railway broadly consists of two parallel rail lines
1:- the Western Line
2:- the Central Line or Main Line
Both lines meet at a station known as Dadar.
For details one can consult wikipedia [:)].

Public Transports play a very important role in the large cities. They check the level of pollution and traffic, besides providing a safe,cheap and fast means communication. Mumbai Suburban Railways System have successfully fulfilled the requirements of the Mumbai public. Off course it is notorious for heavy rush and pick pockets. But still the efficiency and effectiveness of the system is amazing.

I got a first-hand experience of the Mumbai Suburban Railways last weekend and I liked it a lot. It is damn cheap and operates with a great speed and efficiency.

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