Sunday, April 26, 2009

Launch of RISAT-2

ISRO has successfully launched RISAT-2 satellite on 20th April,2009. The satellite has been developed by Israel and a PSLV(Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) has been used to place it on the designated orbit.
The satellite, developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (SAI) uses SAR(Synthetic Aperture Radar) technology. SAR enables the satellite to capture images even in night and bad weather conditions.
RISAT-2 has been speculated as a spy satellite and has been deployed quickly after 26/11 Mumbai attacks. With RISAT-2 India aims to monitor the borders with Pakistan and China for infiltration and troop build up. The satellite will also help in mapping and managing natural disasters. Ships at sea can also be tracked by RISAT-2. Though RISAT-2 has been considered as a spy satellite, ISRO has denied it to be so. Also RISAT-2 has got global coverage.
Along with RISAT-2, Anusat has also been launched by the same PSLV rocket. Anusat has been built by Anna University with funding from ISRO. Anusat is a micro-satellite and will be used for education purpose. Anusat is a good example of industry-academia collaboration which is common in US and Japan, yet rare in India. The launch of Anusat has prompted six other educational institutions like IIT-Kanpur and VIT-Vellore to approach ISRO for building such satellites.

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