Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vulture 1

The finished Vulture 1

Vulture 1 is a glider made of paper straws and covered with paper. It has a wing span of 3 feet and is fitted with 2 cameras. Vulture 1 was developed to reinvigorate the British space race by the Register website. The glider, tracking device, release mechanism and camera systems were produced with inputs from the readers of the Register website and defense technology firm Qinetiq. The cost of the project is 8000 pounds and is code named PARIS (Paper Aircraft Released Into Space).

On 28th October,2010 Vulture 1 was carried into space by a helium balloon and released at 27.4 km height. The glider was retrieved 23 miles away from its launch site and in a pretty good condition.

The Register website page on PARIS can be found here.
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